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 Rules and Regulations on Icube Toys Ipoh Forum

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Rules and Regulations on Icube Toys Ipoh Forum Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Regulations on Icube Toys Ipoh Forum   Rules and Regulations on Icube Toys Ipoh Forum Icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2007 1:37 am

Please read all the Rules and Regulations below before posting. Thank you for your attention.

01. You can post about any toys found at any other place here, inclusive of their conditions and promotions.

02. Please use hints to indicate the other shop's name. The Moderators reserves the right to edit your posts to ensure this is adhered to.

03. No mention of price. When reporting on your sightings, please avoidprice comparison between the different shops but however you arepermitted to state the prices offered in extimated price; i.e RM1XX,RM2xx

04. Please refrain from defaming or insulting any shops that isposted in this forum. Keep your posts professional. Persistant breachto this regulation will entail severe repercussions.

05.Please use original self-taken images when posting a new personal toys HAUL. Using an Unauthorized images may caused a breach of copyright or plagiarism

06. No advertisment and/or solicitation for business from other ToyShop/ web site/ Blog/ forum are allowed anywhere in this forum exceptfor we Icube Shop. Administration reserves the right to delete any of suchthreads/posts, and terminate the accounts of any offenders.

07. Posts that do not adhere to the Rules & Regulations will be DELETED without prior notice or warning .

Thank you

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Rules and Regulations on Icube Toys Ipoh Forum
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